Impact Report

Fiscal Year July 1,2022-June 30 2023 Data, based on 40 clients over 356 days of care

Springs of Living Water is committed to helping each client holistically heal – Mind, Body and Soul

Total number of Nights of Safe Shelter Provided at the Samaritans House 14,600

Meals Provided at The Samaritan House

Clothing and supplies provided clients

Guidance Advocacy Sessions Provided

Vocational Training Sessions

Number of beds at The Samaritan House 20

Over 90%

of Springs of Living Water clients moved to safe shelter upon exiting the program

Over 95%

of Springs of Living Water clients participate in vocational training & education

Over 98%

of Springs of Living Water clients access health care support during their stay at The Samaritan House


of Springs of Living Water clients learn & experience the love of Christ for the first time

Average age of shelter clients 20 years old

Quotes from clients

I, 19

Before I came to SLW- I was suffering and anxious for many years and hated my life. There were many nights where I didn’t eat nor drink. I came from a very poor-poor family.

Now- I have learned and gained many things. I have never been this happy in my life. I praise and thank God. God bless you!

A, 19

Before I came to SLW- I was very anxious.

Now- my life has changed. I am thankful for all of you. I love you.

T, 28

Before I came to SLW- I went through many place. I went to school when I was 10 years old. I have been through many things. I was raped many times. I used to drink alcohol so many times.

Now- I have a good community of women. I have learned to pray and even read the Bible. Even if I died right now, I am beyond happy because my life has changed. I love you all!

Y, 21

Before I came to SLW- I never heard about community living. I hated my work and hated my life.

Now- I have many strong women I can cry on their shoulders. I am also learning my dream job- to become a fashion designer!

J, 28

Before I came to SLW- it was a life of misery. I was the older daughter. I graduated from nursing school- but couldn’t find any job. Therefore, I had to do everything I could to find a job. Depression, anxiety and everything in between ruined my life. I was extremely bullied. I started to question God and everything I depended on.

Now- the first time I came here. I have become so joyful. I was able to sleep well at night.

My life is dependent on God. It’s okay to wait on God for everything . I don’t have any depression. I am full of peace now. God is faithful. I am very happy now!

F, 15

Before I came to SLW- my life was miserable. My dad is blind and doesn’t have any food to eat. The community would call me a thief. I was alone. I was highly bullied. We were the poorest of the poor. I dropped out of the 5th grade. I was told that I will never amount to anything.

Now- My life has changed. I became a Christ follower. My prayer life has changed. I am totally a new person. I have a community of believers here- I have a warrior of women who follow Christ. My Dad is now very proud of me. I am changed forever. I used to hear and listen to secular songs and hated everything about Christianity. Now- without Jesus Christ- I can’t live. I am currently learning fashion design, leather and culinary. I never thought I would ever qualify for anything in life. God changed my life. God has a big vision for my life. God will use me to change the next generation. I now learned that I am a good person. I am not evil. I am not dirty. I am qualified. My parents are so happy for me!

Thank you Springs of Living Water. I love you all so much. I don’t have enough words for you all. May God bless you and make you as joyful and happy. I am so happy for this my life! Thank you!!!!